Oh, you’re such a silly man
Still with all those hopes and plans
Still thinking me unfriendly
Because I haven’t any friends
But I tell you, there are worse things to be
And if someone wanted to be friends with me
Do you think that I would stop them there?
I’m simply loathe to beg and plead
Too quick to think that life’s unfair
That there’s no place for me out there
And if I ever did believe
It would require that someone truly cared.

9 thoughts on “Friendless

  1. Rachel, I am a big fan of your poetry. When I first read that you are a teen, I was amazed. I think you write like a seasoned (and older) poet.

    This is a well-written poem. We all feel a little like this at times, but I remember feeling it more when I was young. ( I am 71.) I have gone on to live a very challenging, but very happy and fulfilling life. I believe you will too. ❤ All the best! Stay safe and be happy!

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  2. We so often jump to conclusions about people who don’t have a million and one friends. We think that no one wants to be friends with them, instead of wondering if maybe that person doesn’t want to be friends with others. In fact, that’s a part of my WIP. I’m in the process of flashing out some characters and there is someone just like that.

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