I am deaf when you speak
Because all I hear is tension
And I am dumb when you judge me meek
Because some things aren’t worth the mention
I am cold because my heat
Has potential to cause harm
And if you think me chaff and you the wheat
Then why do you demand — and scorn — alarm?

8 thoughts on “Unappeasable

  1. Your self-awareness and your self-control are admirable, Rachel. Your interlocutor, ignorant as always, is unworthy of both. On the other hand, we who discern, we appreciate these qualities. Save your thoughts for those of us who glory in them.

    Oh, at work today I was writing (i.e., emailing) someone named “Rachel.” Excitement would stir, until I remembered this “Rachel” is boring, and my enthusiasm then would wane. How nice to look forward to conversing now with the real deal. Posers need not apply.

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      1. Good point, Rachel.

        Could be, your difficulty in making that connection is because neither knows the other quite as well as he/she would think. Oh sure, you two share familiarity, but mutual understanding? Maybe not as much.

        This is frustrating, because, obviously, wanting for a “perfect” communication bothers you. Just as his inability to help you adequately frustrates him.

        What to do? This is a tough one, of course. Rather than dash off instant (and sloppy) advice, I’ll need a while to think about this, okay?

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