You say I’ll become what I think I am —
Your favored mind over matter theory;
But I think what I’ve heard again and again,
And wonder, how doesn’t that apply to me?

My role models are filled with despair;
My benefits of doubt dismissed as fantasy.
I’m told to trust no one —
Now how doesn’t that apply to me?

I’m stubborn, to be sure:
When set to fight, I fear to flee;
But all your laughter at those led —
How doesn’t that apply to me?

Some might call me mediator
For my hate of animosity;
But now like any good diplomat,
Conflict’s all I see.

8 thoughts on “Conflict

  1. Care to clue your critics in on something, Rachel? Seeing conflicts everywhere doesn’t mean you delight in them; quite the opposite, in fact. So dedicated are you to resolving tensions, you find it’s best to anticipate them, to pre-empt them, before they make ripples.

    Your poetry strikes a chord, with even more resonance than it does usually, as my dream position, once, was an ambassadorship. Most PoliSci major aspired to law school; my long-term goal was the diplomatic corps.

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    1. Ah, but in training yourself to look for conflict, even if the intention was initially to preempt it, sometimes it becomes the only thing you can see. Unless you keep one eye on brighter things than problems and conflicts, they can easily swallow you.


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      1. Point well-delivered, my friend.

        That’s why, despite what I once thought to be crippling pessimism, I try to focus on the bigger picture, in addition to current circumstances. It provides a glimmer of possibility. Of hope, even. Proof things don’t need to be like this always.

        Over time, this one-time inveterate naysayer became…a little less so. Oh, I still play the Cynic all-too-often, but he’s constantly looking behind him now.

        Now that I finally got my start, now it’s time to help my fellow-creatures.

        Ah, the Missionary!

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