6 thoughts on “Deserter

  1. Mature observation, Rachel. All the more so because your words, spare and powerful, deliver a surprising twist.

    Fortunately, the story still thrives. While we may regret our past abandonments (I know I do), and it now is too late for many of those we spurned, past mistakes inspire only future improvements, do they not?

    Would that, in the future, we bring sighs to people’s lips. Happy sighs.

    It’s the least we can do, considering…

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  2. Definitely Rachel, a concern worth contemplation.

    When we look back, though, when time’s sweep is behind us largely. 99 of 100 times, we will savage ourselves bitterly for not having made use of people’s time when we had the chance.

    Observations become ubiquitous for a reason. One of the truest is that we rarely regret what we did, but what we didn’t do..

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