Half My Heart

I wish with half my heart
To seize the start until the end
And become that better person
In some ways other than pretend
To be the loving, loyal lamb
Without this fear that I’m the fatted calf
I wish with half my heart
But how can I live without the second half?

12 thoughts on “Half My Heart

  1. Heed that other half, Rachel, as it understands your aspirations extend beyond the pasture.

    Let the lambs ruminate, mindlessly. The world you’re realizing, though, is more challenging, and is infinitely better.

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      1. Maybe it does, but isn’t there a genuine achievement in controlling impulses such as these?

        No doubt, the lupine urge lunges at your actions, as it does to all of us, Still, you’re more than equal to its threat,

        Point isn’t that there’s no wolf. However, relax – you’ve got this. In so concentrating and in so striving, you’re adding to this thing called, “Civilization.”

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          1. As do I, Rachel, and thus, this is directed at least as much at myself as it is at you…

            Could have, might have…but didn’t. While it’s fun, frustrating and often therapeutic to imagine how we would’ve handled things differently, we’re not magic. Too late now for all of that. (Unless you invent time machines when you’re not writing.)

            Nope, the future is where all the action is. That’s where we really should focus our mental energies, figuring out how to get what we want the next time this happens.

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            1. Ha! Sadly, no time machines. No, I’ve devoted all my resources to time magic… Now I just need to locate a creature that can use it. An elf or a fairy, perhaps?

              But no, you’re right. Prognostication is a much better investment.

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