The Wolf

I have to watch the road and look away
I know what it says if I choose to stay
Desperation suits all people ill
But damn if I’m not desperate still

I like to fancy that I know you well
The danger does not harm the sell
I feel less alone when I’m with you
And I wonder if you aren’t lonely too

Ah, the holes we like to dig
I know you’re a wolf with a sheepish wig
But I still wonder if in your wolfish heart
All you really are is torn apart.

11 thoughts on “The Wolf

  1. Quite erudite a case study, Rachel. Sophisticated in its complexity.

    So, mildness masks the snarl, which in turn (over)compensates for damaged goods.

    Wouldn’t you say this duality exists in all of us, to varying degrees?

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      1. Good, Rachel. Glad we share that perspective – and that interest.

        Taming the wolf requires real effort. So much so, that few of us manage the task on our own. Fortunately, there’s this nifty thing we’ve invented called “society,” and it gives us all the help (family, friends, etc.) we need.

        With each victory, Enlightenment’s torch glows even brighter. A tough job, to be sure, but entirely worth the trouble.

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  2. So beautifully written but tragic in what it tells. It’s good food for thought on what extent do we go through to not be alone? I resonate with this, especially when it becomes too toxic, being alone is better than being with others. You take your reader on an evocative, complex journey and it is quite the experience when you reach the end. We do not always think about the brokenness in others that can help attribute to why they act in such ways. Beautifully penned and evocative, it’s a strong piece of writing with an even more powerful message. ❤ ❤

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  3. Smart rhymes. Movies have us believe that some people are just misunderstood. That they just need a little bit of a touch to transform them into beautiful people. To repair them. My experience is nothing of that sort. A wolf with a sheep wig is a wolf in a sheep wig. Sorry.

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