You don’t understand
And I can’t explain
‘Cause inside I’m terrified
Of spreading my pain

I’m standing inside
As you dance in the rain
One of us loves life
The other one just loves the pain

There are moments like this
When I think of that day
The day you were leaving,
But you turned just to say

That you don’t understand
How I waste every day
As if I’m too terrified
To find one single ray

You were my sunshine
Now you only see rain
One of us loved life
The other one clings to the pain

8 thoughts on “Contagion

  1. Beautiful, Rachel – breathtaking, actually. A triumph hiding, though, within the pathos.

    So much so, it preempts the typical response. I still admire your artistry, of course, but also, I brood over its message.

    Sounds like someone has a bad case of the Mondays? Not today. We’ll save the optimistic “Yeah, but…” for the next conversation, okay?

    Today, I sympathize, in the word’s original sense.

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