What We Lose

You were in my dreams again
Inaccessible, as in life
Things are sharper now than they were then
And I’m the one who bore the knife

I saw you through the glass again
A distant shape, a distant voice
How are we supposed to win
When we lose so much by choice?

10 thoughts on “What We Lose

  1. A lament well expressed, Rachel.

    As time passes, experience builds, which isn’t good news when the object is yours only in aspiration.

    The picture clears, which also is a sharpening of sorts, right? The blade draws across the soul.

    For now at least, I forego the usual optimism (again…for now), and salute you for expressing a complicated concept in just a few words. Masterfully efficient, Rachel. If that praise means anything despite…despite everything else.

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      1. However, you did respond, Rachel, which is what matters. This is to be expected at this time of year, as the days are, like, 42 minutes long, and the holidays are just so exhausting. Wonderful, enchanting and warm, yes, but also exhausting.

        Better times ahead, as we glimpse the sun, and we tell the Southern Hemisphere to give it back. Take all the time you need. The sun is on its way, and our friendship never left. Plus, plenty to discuss when you’re up to it

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