Spelling B****

I hear S’s and H’s
I’s and T’s
I hear them under every thank you
Beneath every please
I hear I’s and D’s
And IOTs
Hidden in the murmur
Behind every tease
I hear the B, the I
And in them, everything
About myself I hate
I hear the things you tell yourself
And the things you think of me
You believe I have a child’s ear
But I am not deaf to these

5 thoughts on “Spelling B****

  1. That’s unfortunate, Rachel, and one of the disadvantages to reading so keenly our interactions.

    You’ve devoted so much mental energy to ruminating, you’re quite adept at discerning many levels deeper than the foremost one (which pretense usually distorts anyway).

    That’s your skill, and your disadvantage. A regrettable side effect of being bright and sensitive. Much more so, in fact, than many suppose.

    Plus. don’t forget, most aren’t as good at hiding their emotions as they think they are.

    In a way, wouldn’t it be bliss to be ignorant? Maybe, but you aren’t, and it also is what makes your mind sparkle.

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  2. “Consider the source.” Cruelty comes from the inner poverty, anger, or pathology of those who demean others. Many times people don’t even realize that their negative attitude is showing. Focus on developing your own abilities and becoming the person you want to be. It really doesn’t matter as much what others think as what you think of yourself. Better days ahead, Rachel! “Don’t let the bastards grind you down!”

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