Mark of…

I know your mark’s upon me
I know that I am cursed
I will never know what peace might be
I always will know thirst
I know love will never find me
My line is happiness reversed
And the last member of my family
Shall be exactly as the first.

4 thoughts on “Mark of…

  1. Your verse stirs the soul, Rachel, as it mirrors my own thoughts on the subject. Particularly so…well, before.

    As for the mechanics, clever use of repetition, beginning each of your first five lines with “I,” only to change direction all of the sudden, in announcing a happiness reversed. It makes the statement all the more striking.

    You have real talent, Rachel. Even your sighs are expressive.

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      1. Certainly, Rachel, I’m among those cheering the loudest when you identify those happy chords.

        Still, there’s something to be said about you uncovering them naturally, as part of your explorations. Though there’s so much out there for you to discover, best are the finds you’ll make on your own.

        They’ll have the most lasting effect.

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