At Arm’s Length

I am careful not to say such things
As might give you too much hope
Flowers and diamond rings
They are naught for me but rope
And I easily could say such things
As could fill you with despair
But whatever misery that brings
I know I will have the greater share.

8 thoughts on “At Arm’s Length

  1. “whatever misery that brings, I know I will have the greater share.” Wise words, Rachel.

    If you see flowers and diamond rings as “rope,” you should be able to find plenty of men who feel the same way. Then you will be free to share each other’s company without unrealistic expectations. ❤ All the best!

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  2. Well considered and beautifully penned, Rachel. The last two lines in particular are striking.

    When a relationship focuses on things – be they shiny baubles or on what men generally pursue – it leaves little room for shared affection, and finally, for love.

    Oh sure, satisfying romances ultimately provide plenty of both, but they’re given gratefully, not as a gambit to steal the other. They come as a result of affection, not as a desperate reach for it.

    Give men some time, Rachel. Absolutely, our emotional maturity comes more slowly, but we’ll get there eventually. When we do, you’ll meet someone worthy your attention.

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      1. Good point, Rachel, tough your writing betrays that maturity. Even if you don’t recognize it, even.

        You already have moved beyond the Cult of Things which captivates so many. Even if they (and in particular, the male “they”) aren’t up to speed quite yet. You’ll have company soon enough.

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          1. Exactly! Cults abhor reflection; they require their acolytes to stop thinking. In contrast, the League requires it. There’s no way even to begin taking it all in unless your brain is going constantly.

            Fortunately, for people like us, that’s a given.

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