The Slitherine Knight

“It was many years ago,”
He whispered back to me
As he grimaced at his hand
And its fist full of jewelry.

“I am scion of the longest line
Of the noblest knights that you could find,
And a bishop I’d known from my youth
Asked if to help I’d be inclined.

We were to exorcise a demon
From the body of a child;
But the thing we thought was weaker
Proved obstinate and wild.

It held my friend’s life in its hand,
Its alone to steal;
And to free an evil from the land,
I chose to make a deal.

It lives safe inside me now:
A beast of avarice and greed.
Good fortune they don’t speak in words;
Though some things are harder not to heed.”

He looked again to his handful,
And I said he was absurd:
Why not simply kill it now?
“A knight never breaks his word.”

5 thoughts on “The Slitherine Knight

  1. Wow, Rachel, what an intricate and richly complex saga! Especially clever in the way you shift back and forth from narrative to dialogue.

    You’ve woven a glittering tapestry that’d grace a stately royal manor, yet you endow it with such exquisite economy.

    The tale ought to fill volumes (and it does, in the imagination), yet your craft casts its enchantment from but a few stanzas. Your lyricism sings from but a few wonderfully chosen words, arranged to perfection.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Absolutely, Rachel! You know how it goes. We select the words carefully, and they form the foundation, then our minds take it from there.

        Sure, thinking all the time creates challenges, but the rewards know no limits. Oh, those rewards!

        Liked by 1 person

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