Beauty of the Beast

We are warned away from love
For the broken and the damned
For though we offer all we ought
They can only bite our hand

And we never should be caught
By the beauty of a beast
For there is no such thing as fairy tales
Only the diner and the feast.

6 thoughts on “Beauty of the Beast

  1. Romanticism and realism constantly chase each other but never seem to meet. The constant vying between the heart and the mind.

    The two are at odds, yet they have something in common – one triumphing usually is tinged with regret for having neglected the other. Time passing usually strengthens resolve to pay more attention to the ‘losing’ side the next time too.

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      1. Thanks, Rachel. …Oh definitely, spurning the dreamer produces much more heartache.

        Sure, occasionally, I do wish I had been less sentimental, but most of the time, I regret putting my mind ahead of my heart.

        How about you, Rachel? How often do you lead with your mind instead of your heart? Has your heart ever overruled your mind?

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