It all comes down to endings
All beauty, to the last
Makes way for decay
And fades into the past

It all comes down to endings
All we try to do
Will see its final day
No matter what we choose.

10 thoughts on “Endings

  1. Maybe we love flowers so much because they are beautiful only for a few days. In the case of humans, we have 80 or 90 years to fill with beauty, joy, and accomplishment. This eloquent poem is part of the creative legacy that you will leave behind probably about 80 years from now. ❤

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  2. Spot-on, Rachel! Those who obsess over aesthetics – no matter whether in flaunting them or in pursuing them – find this beauty to be particularly fleeting. Especially when image is lofted above all else.

    Most transitory, it is. In fact, beauty doesn’t have an ending so much as it does a transition. The flower, stunning in its moment, wilts, falls, and eventually nurtures the next gorgeous generation. Everything in its turn. Wasn’t there a song about that?

    Which one…of dozens?

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    1. Ah, but is it obsession with aesthetics, or obsession with grief? I, for one, am guilty of the latter. In the time it takes me to finish mourning the one flower, generations pass. Eventually, though, I find another, only to again be reminded that things of beauty are part of a cycle that will inevitably grind all that is loved to dust. From the dust comes life again, true — but I never seem to be able to grasp past the death part.

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      1. Honestly, it has much to do with your willingness to look beyond the present moment. Sure, if it’s all about “right now,” it’s not surprising despair dominates eventually.

        However, when you rise above current events to consider the broader picture, a richer, more complex narrative emerges.

        Pretty difficult to do this completely on your own, though. Fortunately, we have others. …and we, in turn, help them in a similar way.

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