Did it come to me in ember dreams
Or by the winds that swept worries
Out to shores of distant isles
To linger long and turn to smiles

Or did it come, at last, by sea
And by ship bring me memory
Of someone that I once had been
And that I so long to be again

However it thus came my way
I hope it might be here to stay
For if it can bear my company
What can I bear, but anything?

5 thoughts on “Optimism

  1. Wonderful, Rachel! Not only have you caught a new facet’s glint, enticing exploration, but your discovery matches my own, not too long ago.

    Encouraging. Please, keep investigating, and stay curious – and hopeful. You’re on your way.

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  2. Absolutely, it’s best not to promise anything. You will try, though, right?

    In so doing, you just might defy everything that’s pushed you off in one direction all this time. For you, then, that’s precisely what optimism will be – your triumph.

    Liked by 1 person

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