It is my duty:
To be fair,
To be kind;
For me to care,
And be willfully blind.

Not my place
To look beyond;
To step beyond,
And be a child.
Not my place to be wronged,
To be unknowing in the wild.

My responsibility
The world has gently shaped:
I am watching,
I am waiting;
My missteps will lead to hating:
And so the path, then, to negating,
Is simply not to move at all.


13 thoughts on “Placeholder

  1. Question is, Rachel, what’s your duty and what’s your place?

    The way I see it, duties are self-imposed and rise from your own ethics. Others, meanwhile, seem to define your place. It’s all about their expectations of you.

    There is a difference, and if you can identify which rules fall into which category, it may help define your direction.

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      1. Well, my friend, that makes things more difficult, of course. Not impossible, but we do have our work cut out for us.

        Another certainty, though, is that we have plenty of time. Sufficient for two thinkers to work through it. Here’s where we’ll see if our brains really are “all that.”

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              1. Who among us does anything with perfect knowledge, Rachel?

                Being on this planet means you endure the same mental static all creatures do. For many, in fact, the static is relentless. Think of aphids. Or of those who watch Ridiculousness.

                The point isn’t the shortcomings, but that we do our best despite them. Also, we rely on others, whose own static obscures a different part of the human experience. As surely as they rely on us for our own clarity in other areas.

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