10 thoughts on “Threshold

  1. Naturally, Rachel, and so what?

    The world never rests and everything alternates. Yesterday’s ‘A’ often becomes ‘B,’ then is back to ‘A’ again before we realize it’s happening. Interactions are no exception to this rule.

    Even the most constructive relationships require rest to sustain the effort. Time for appreciation to recharge.

    You know this to be true of others, Rachel. Why should you be the singular exception?

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    1. Because I’m exceptional, clearly. 😉

      Kidding. I think it would be unfair to expect from others what I might demand of myself; but it’s also unfair to demand of others what I won’t ask of myself. I dislike being snapped at, I dislike being snubbed. So doing it to others, regardless of what I’m feeling at the moment, is… wrong.

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