Many of the people here on WordPress are professional writers, photographers, journalists, reviewers and whatnot. I’m none of those. Just a teen someone in the U.S. enjoying a mode of expression (poetry) that seems to suit me — and, hopefully, giving someone somewhere some measure of meaningful (or at least mildly amusing) things to read.

At the time I write this, my blog is about a month shy of being two years old. I can’t decide if the time has felt shorter or longer. But I do know that despite still being flawed, imperfect, and just generally human, I have changed in that time. I won’t say I’ve “grown;” that suggests marked improvement. But I’m more at ease with who I am, and who I want to be. Even if I still fall drastically short of the latter.

I want to live; yet, I have no idea how. I want to be brave; but refer to it as stupidity (when I do it). I want to speak; but try to do so with silence.

But then, I’m much better with written words, anyway.