The Bored Vampire

In a vampire’s house in daylight
There comes up a cry:
“Close that curtain, woman!
Or do you wish for me to die?
That historian is coming here
To reveal to me his stash;
I’d hate for him to come here
And find me only ash!

Oh don’t give me that look.
Is this the garlic thing again?
You tried that 1870!
We’ve gone past 2010!
Show a little gratitude:
You’re immortal since that spell!
Why, if it weren’t for me
You’d still be that town’s belle!

Well really, you’d be dead…
Don’t you roll your eyes!
You mortals put such stock
In your sad and empty lives,
But did you ever stop to think
That you’re in this predicament
Because the attention that you got,
All the suitors and the sycophants?

If you had been a nobody
I’d have passed you by
But there was a certain irony
That caught my weary eye:
‘There’s the beauty of the mortal world,
Forever doomed to fade!
I’ll give it immortality
And let it be my maid.’

See, I have given you
More than what was given me:
A purpose, a reason —
Along with pleasant company;
So don’t you be complaining
That I’ve made your life a hell.
Ah! And there is our historian!
Pray go get the bell.”


The Shadow

untitled (10)

I follow in the wake
Of those most dear to me,
Darkened by the thought
That they go on without me.
It’s strange:
When they slept before
In their small beds,
Their tiny voices
Cried for my continued existence;
For the light that sustained me
Not to go away.
But these nights?
They’re the loneliest I know:
When I’m reminded
I’m just a shadow.

Comfort Zone

untitled (8)

Throw some wood on the fire:
Watch the flames go higher.
Though the circle gets bigger,
Still see the shapes of feral figures
Dancing through the trees,
Their howls and their screams
Reminding me I’m not alone;
That there’s a world outside my comfort zone.
Would I brave it, if I could?
The only thing I have here is wood
For keeping that chaos at bay.
But how could I live that way,
Face to face with the darkness?
All I know is here, is this;
So I shrink away from the trees,
Toward the fire that consumes me.


untitled (7)

Picture an ocean:
Deep and blue.
Now imagine that
Is me and you.

The surface: calm,
Nary a ripple.
Life is good here;
Life is simple.

But then you look
Below the calm;
And soon you realize,
Something’s wrong.

For here there be monsters
In the undersea;
And that’s the biggest part
Of you and me.

Dear Mother

You gave me life
You gave me hope
You gave me food
You gave me clothes
You gave me love
And advice
And encouragement
And everything you had to give;

I gave you pain
And heartbreak
And worry;
I gave you lip
I gave you attitude
I gave you
Nothing at all.

So I give you
This one thing:
My apology.
Even if you’ll never read it.

Turning Over

untitled (6)

When the sun came from the grave this morning
And shone in through your window pane
Did you chase those rays like butterflies
Or did you turn away?

Whence comes that moment
When we try to blink away the light?
We don’t rejoice in the sun’s beauty;
We just ready for a fight.

We rarely take it as a blessing;
Instead we take a grain of salt,
And harden our hearts,
Already colored like cobalt.

For Strangers

untitled (5)

Would you die for them?
In an instant.
Would you kill for them?
I might.
Do you admire them?
From a distance,
And always out of sight.

Would you hurt for them?
I have already.
Would you weep with them?
I would.
Would you hold them,
And keep them steady?
As tightly as I could.