Who can tell
Between truth and lies
When the whats and wherefores
Get lost in the buts and the whys?



What a mess, what a mess.
We should be at our best;
Yet we hide behind “serenity,”
Avoiding every little thing.
It would be nice just for once
To be other than a dunce
And be able to do these little things
Without losing our serenity.

Crime Scene

It’s been marked in chalk
There upon the ground:
The silhouette of my soul,
With people all around.
They wonder who I was
And who it was I loved
And what it was I thought about
When I couldn’t be judged.
They take all the pictures
And gather all the proof
And they try to reassemble
My enigmatic youth.
But however hard they try,
They won’t have much luck;
And my body still lies
On the floor with the chalk.

Death Notice (Message In a Bottle)

I walk across the beach
As I wonder if he thinks of me;
I gaze out across the sea,
While my mind is running fatefully.

I see it in the distance:
A bottle washed ashore.
Inside is a letter:
Who wrote it? Who for?

There’s something in it that I recognize:
Yes, I know his voice.
Even written as it is,
How can I have a choice?

I’ve replayed every minute
Over in my head
From that first and final meeting;
Every word he said.

And now I read his letter,
And the tears come to my eyes;
For I find that he is dead,
And it comes as no surprise.


The rainfall comes on suddenly,
Ever unforseen:
Dousing all fine fires,
Making grey from green.

The rainfall comes on suddenly
Once you turn your back:
Drowning all in melancholy,
Turning white to black.

Message In a Bottle

To the lady in the marketplace:
You may not remember me;
But I remember you,
And so I cast this to the sea.

The chances it will come to you
I do not care to count:
But there’s something I must write to you
If soon I cannot shout.

The kindness that you did for me
I never have forgot:
And for a chance to repay it
I have often sought.

It struck me as things often do:
It struck me as a choice.
And as I stood debating,
I thought I heard your voice.

You, who are my angel!
Yes: I chose for you.
To do, for once, the thing
That would’ve made you proud to view.

But now my time is done:
My deed has had its toll.
But just the thought of you
Gives me the strength to face it all.

Inspired by this prompt.

The Seer

I met her in a sunlit glade:
She had no family.
She said she’d seen me in a dream,
And would be led by only me.

Just a child, touched by fire;
And yet her eyes could see
Far beyond our mortal ken,
Into immortality.

We are both mere vagabonds
With no family:
Until we find a home again,
Her protector I will be.


Her village burns when she sleeps at night:
She sees it in her dreams.
And as she cries while I hold her tight,
She tells of past and future things.

She tells me of the men who came;
She tells of warlock kings.
She tells of magic sought and found
And the darkness that it brings.

She tells then of a hero —
But what is that to me?
Until we find a home again,
It doesn’t mean a thing.