Pessimist (Optimist)

Be still my mind, soon you will find
Yourself alone again.
Be still my heart, abandon your art
Of feeling you’re home again.

You think you’re free: take it from me,
Nobody ever is.
Today is the sun, tomorrow there’s none:
That’s how it always is.

Be still my doubt, just let me out;
Why are we staying here?
Be still my tears, quiet your fears;
No use in waiting here.

If I see the sun, then to it I’ll run:
A child of light again.
I’ll not sit and stay, the same dead-end way:
I’ll be alive again.

I haven’t been particularly active on here these last few days (sorry!). My energy has been directed towards other things… good things, I think. Brighter things. Things like waking up in the morning: drinking coffee; going outside; waving at strangers; listening to lighter songs than what’s become my usual…

I’m pretty sure this is temporary — but I kind of hope it’s not. I like this feeling. I like dancingly getting chores done, and getting to see the sun on the other side of the house, when the day is bright and new. But with my mind in that mode — let’s call it “carpe diem mode” — I find it hard to focus on writing. So, apologies if I’m scarce, and know I haven’t forgotten about all of you; I’m just remembering a me I had forgotten about.


Gonna be a bit erratic over the next month or so. The last few days have proven me to be a horrible juggler: So if I’m absent, I’m probably just doing this thing that I believe is called “living” — though I’m pretty sure that’s a euphemism. I would just call it “going insane.” Kidding, but my hands are a little fuller than I’m used to. So expect some absences.