The world is filled with people trying
And people living, and people dying
The world is filled with worlds colliding
People selling, people buying
The world is filled with wheels still turning
Past people with their houses burning
Through all despair and endless yearning
Over each and every threat unnerving
Whether afraid, whether unswerving
The world is filled with people trying
And people falling, people rising
Who am I to keep denying
That I can do no different?


I have to focus
On the one thing I can do
There is no room in there for me
There is no room in there for you
No room for what I haven’t done
No room for what I should
No room for all I wouldn’t do
And now I never could
There is nothing but that one thing
Perhaps that isn’t true
But if I have to focus
It has to be on something I can do



Why am I still just sitting here?
Why do I always stay?
I so dearly want to disappear;
To simply fly away.

Why am I simply standing here?
I want to run into the fray!
I don’t want the light to disappear;
I want to go and chase the day.

Why am I still just waiting here?
No one else will lead the way.
Obstacles won’t just disappear
If I too will only stay.


What are you doing?
What makes you think you know a thing?
As if you could tell the difference
Between real life and a dream.

What compels you forward?
You know how you’ll end up.
Your very soul’s a jester,
No matter how you dress it up.

Do you think that this will change things?
Oh, I assure you that it will:
You will drown in every failure…
And in every tear you spill.


Being nothing scares me
More than you ever could:
So it will be what it will be…
Now shut up, Wormwood.


untitled (7).png

But they seem so knowledgeable!
Could it really be
That they don’t know any more
Than you, or than me?

A well spoken word
Is still just a word:
The word’s only action
Is from the well-rounded herd.

Don’t listen to the bark
Or let yourself be cowed;
There are times to ride the waves,
And times to stand your ground.