All you gave me was escape
And it was all I ever wanted
The moon shining on the lake
The green of forests lone and haunted
No fear for all the ghosts
For you were always there with me
But still I was alone
My phantom couldn’t touch reality


You’ve gone mad
To be telling me
I shouldn’t be alone
You, to whom my judgement’s known
You, who subtly tells me
My life is just on loan
Your impeccable advice
That I should get out there and live,
Always defeated by your next:
That one only should accept
People who can give.

No Rescue

I have seen my life through others’ eyes
And they proclaimed it hell
My heart was spurred to try to rise
Now I leave it where it fell

There are chances better left untouched
Leaps that lead to the abyss
I once thought my saving could be rushed
Now I’m left with only this.

The Rose

Some part of me believes
I am the rose beneath the glass
An audience to please
But any touch would be the last

My fragility, exaggerated
Or so some part of me believes
Yet how many petals have disintegrated
Watching how everybody leaves?


We operate on different wavelengths
Our hearts beat at different tones
I think you haven’t found your strength yet
You think I’m just tragically alone

We see a different sunlight
Our lives are lived on different clocks
You think I’m running out of time
I think you’re running for the rocks

We’re sailing different oceans
But I think our ships are just the same
And we may dock at different havens
But perhaps we’ll meet again someday.


What do you complain about the most?

There’s the heat, and there’s the cold
To be young, and to be old
There’s the ever nearing feeling
Of eternal isolation

There’s horror come of company
The unknown that you want from me
And the greater dread of knowing
All I could never give alone

There’s the day and there’s the night
There is wrong and there is right
And in the end it’s everything
That life meant me to be shown.