I owe you everything
Yet still I
Never fail to let you down
I let you drift out of my mind
Whenever you are not around
I look back at my hated life
And what can I feel but shame?
No matter what you did or didn’t do
You did nothing to deserve such pain.


Nothing’s tighter than the air between us
Your anger wrapped around my throat
It’s not for me, yet everything
Revolves around the things that make you choke

The rest of us are merely traitors
Stupid bitches on the sidelines
Wish I could say you’re wrong, but
We simply walk the edge of all you despise.


The pressure’s unabated
The valves are all closed off
The heart that once kept balance
The mind’s kicked off the job

The tears would flow as needed
The anger would be cool
Now everything converts to heat
And fire has its rule.


I want to rage and boil
I want to drag you down
I would rather be an ocean
If it meant you’d feel how much I drown

I want to storm this placid beach
And tear the shifting castles down
I would give up bumbled human speech
If I could show how false your crown

I want to hiss and bubble over
I want to make you see
But if we let our depths bring others lower
We’d all live beneath the sea.


I am caught up in the whirlwind
Of the storm surrounding me
Every word that goes unnoticed
All the cruel, unspoken things
There’s a thousand and one reasons
For me to set this anger free
Where it doesn’t mangle feelings
Destroying all but tragedy
Yet it’s made its home inside me
And it dances round me, writhing
And every thought is justifying
What I most want not to be.

Remember, Remember

What advice would you give to your teenage self?

Let go of all your anger;
Its shadow makes an awful home.
Remember what you should remember;
Forgetting everything leaves just you, alone.

Don’t let fear become your object;
The world is scary, but has better prizes.
I’m afraid I haven’t found one yet;
But you’ll do better if you lose my vices.