What I A.M.

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What do you think I do at night?
What evils do you think I spell?
Do you think the notes I listen to
Are curses spawned from hell?

I listen to the music
That speaks of feelings that I know;
And late into the night
I try to write about my own.

I write about the sadness;
I write about the tears.
I write of the frustration
And all my foolish fears.

I write of my regret
That I’m not your perfect lamb:
My attempts at honesty
Are what I A.M.

Dare To Dream

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There are days I dare to dream,
Then tell myself it’s not to be:
“Foolish girl!” I’ll reprimand;
“Yes, you: For that is all they see.”

True or not, that’s what it seems;
And what else will it ever be
If this foolish girl
Doesn’t dare to dream?


Inspired by the Daily Prompt, Elegance.

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I saw her in a mirror
And it struck me blind;
I could never be she,
For she is much too kind.

She laughs at every joke
And, oh, so joyfully!
Every smile is a gift,
And given honestly.

Her heart is pure as crystal;
Her mind sharp as a pin,
With many angels dancing
On top and within.

I know it’s just a dream,
That it might never be…
But it could, and that
Might be enough for me.