There is a bottom beneath
A deeper dark
A loosened grip
And then the floor parts
Uncounted seconds
Minutes, hours
Pass unseen
Lost to powers
Greater than the depths you’ve known
So fall as you will — but don’t let go


Daily writing prompt
When is the last time you took a risk? How did it work out?

Years pass by and still my eyes
Darken at your name
Hurt would be a fair surmise
Closer would be shame

You played me, I don’t deny
But not all is as it’s told
If you’re the snake, then why is mine
The blood that ran so cold?


Where is there to go
When the blind see more than me?
Someone must step forward
But here we hang upon each other’s sleeves.
There is nowhere to go
When every step leads to a fall;
There is no home for us
But the darkness that we bring.


I am caught up in the whirlwind
Of the storm surrounding me
Every word that goes unnoticed
All the cruel, unspoken things
There’s a thousand and one reasons
For me to set this anger free
Where it doesn’t mangle feelings
Destroying all but tragedy
Yet it’s made its home inside me
And it dances round me, writhing
And every thought is justifying
What I most want not to be.

What’s Left Behind

I have felt nothing
That could not be put aside:
Love is just stupidity
When you put away the pride.

Pride is only arrogance;
Kindness is a lie;
Selfishness the only truth,
And only there until you die.

I believe that I’ve felt nothing
That could not be put aside;
So then why is all this darkness
The one thing I can’t hide?

Not Myself

I haven’t been myself lately
Just an echo of everybody else
I’m half convinced they half hate me
But it may just be they hate themselves

I’ve not been breathing well lately
I hold my breath like everybody else
Only half alive, and half crazy
Waiting for goodness or magic or elves

I’ve been thinking some of hell lately
It’s here with everybody else
The more I hear and the more I see
The deeper the dark inside of me delves