Keeper of Secrets

What do you know, keeper of secrets
Keeping us all alone
Where do you go, keeper of secrets
When you are not at home

There is the door, why do you leave it
What are you lying for
Letting us go, but you never see it
You think it’s one-sided war

What did you do, keeper of secrets
What are you hiding for
One moment that’s true, keeper of secrets
One moment is all I implore

You give an excuse, I don’t believe it
Give me the answers due
You tie me a noose, pack up and leave it
Is that all I am to you?
Is that all I am to you?

Oh, Nonsense

I check on all the boxes
And I button up my plaiditudes
What better things to hide behind
Than humor and forced attitudes?

I don’t disturb migraines of sand
Or cross the line you baited so
I am a fish that’s fond of land
But prefers tanks that you don’t have to tow

The depths are there to make me drown
Oh sea, what more can I say?
The lights for me are still unknoun;
Skintillation’s epidermal anyway

All we can do is swing and miss
And tell ourselves it’s all okay
Because someday with a Christmas wish
We’ll face our gift horse and get to say hay


Admittedly… My sense of humor gets weird sometimes.

(No) Easy Answers

The quiet doesn’t tell me the answers
It only tells me to find them myself
No lightning from the sky for inspiration
No magical guide to give me some help
I’m lost in a nightmare that’s supposed to be mine
I have this dream I’ll find my way out
But until then I’m supposed to know what I’m doing
I guess I should probably figure it out.

White Noise

I can’t think through the distance
Can’t breach my own damn mind
Just listening to nothing
White noise all that I can find
It fills up all the distance
With it and nothing else
It fills up with emptiness
And only there I see myself


I want to be elsewhere
I want to see the rising sun
And feel that it is worth it
To dare to rise along
With the sounds of engines starting
With the dew still on the lawn
With the burdened still unbowing
With the birds and all their song.


They greet me in a tonal language;
I don’t respond today.
The world can fill with life all over;
My mind is far away.

I used to look around at nature
Seeing poems I could write;
Now I look around and see
Only the next fight.

The Rock Above Your Head

Name an attraction or town close to home that you still haven’t got around to visiting.

I see you every day
And yet I have never been
In truth, I don’t expect to
Distance will always win

But I can look above me
And see your reflective light
Maybe I’ll remember then
Humans are capable of flight.