My hand tightens for the feeling
Still it evades me as I run
No forest clearing to catch up in
No trap to hold and stun

There is just the fear that holds me
As I become the prey
Cornered by my own wanting
Until I’m the only one that didn’t get away


Nothing’s tighter than the air between us
Your anger wrapped around my throat
It’s not for me, yet everything
Revolves around the things that make you choke

The rest of us are merely traitors
Stupid bitches on the sidelines
Wish I could say you’re wrong, but
We simply walk the edge of all you despise.


I try to guess what it will be like
I know I’m so far off the mark
Beauty approaches like the sunrise
Fear comes at you like a shark

I try my hand at clairvoyance
All I see is a blank page
Someone said you write your own future
I’d like to meet them with a 12 gauge.

Our Annoyance

You are
The life we have forgotten;
The world outside the door;
The crazy that is driving —
We should’ve listened to you more.
We have shut out all the voices
Giving challenge and our strength;
But you only meant to drive us
To embrace a better fate.


My own preachings go unpracticed
This is oft the way
The ideal I see, the conflict is me
Blinded by the dark at the end of the day

I’m meant to go unnoticed
While those greater have their say
But they’ve said it all, and I am sickly full
Of my peace being there to just give way


I’m sick of trying
I’m sick of failing
I’m sick of feeling laughter
And more afraid I’ll hear it to my face
I’m tired of caring
I’m tired of being
I’m done playing my poorly acted part
Let someone else be a human being
Let someone else do the whole damn thing
They’ll do it better from the start


If I spoke the language of the weather
I might have more to say
On the swirling, spinning something
Now abiding in my soul

As it stands, it might be better
To keep the forecasts off today
The wind’s a violent nothing
And I cannot find a lull.