I owe you everything
Yet still I
Never fail to let you down
I let you drift out of my mind
Whenever you are not around
I look back at my hated life
And what can I feel but shame?
No matter what you did or didn’t do
You did nothing to deserve such pain.


Can I fret on your behalf?
If I promise not to be a bother
And break the silence that has come between us
Can I sit and cry and wonder
If you’re doing alright?

Can I wish you little grief
And still be pained by the contrast
If I maintain this course I’ve chosen
And tell only the wind
“I wish you well tonight”?


Ever the same,
The days that drag on.
There’s anger and pain;
Love’s all that’s gone.
What is there to live for?

Ever the same,
The hours tick by.
What’s here that’s sane?
All I can do is cry,
But I don’t know who to cry for.

Ever the same,
The minutes say goodbye.
They say such things are tame;
But it takes only a minute to die,
So much longer to find something to die for.

Ever the same,
The seconds don’t ask why;
They never ask your name —
Only that you do not lie
When you face the choice that you’ve been waiting for.

Too Late

I see you happy and it kills me
I see you happy and I know
You never needed me
Who am I without you, though?

I’m miserable and you’ll never see
Would it kill you to know?
I only wanted you not to see
I never meant to go.

What Was

Where is the wonder that she used to know?
That little girl, where did she go?
The one with her friends outside in the snow,
When having to leave was her only woe?

She went to the future and she stayed at home,
Trying to find the light in the gloam.
But time got up and went off to roam;
When next she looked up, she was alone.

Now, she is haunted by all that should be;
And all that she wanted she knows won’t come free.
What’s to believe in, and what’s there to see,
When all that’s around you is your life’s debris?


I could call upon the storm:
The wind, the piercing rain.
I could make a whirlwind form,
But I would do it all in vain.

I could call upon the sky:
Watch the flash as thunder plays.
I could raise the waters forest high;
But I couldn’t turn back all the days.

I can’t call upon the clock
To hide its face and yours;
Moments pass, each with a lock,
To shut all open doors.

And I could call upon your name
As a plea or as a chant for war,
But there’s nothing there for me to claim
Except a broken heart forevermore.

What We Lose

You were in my dreams again
Inaccessible, as in life
Things are sharper now than they were then
And I’m the one who bore the knife

I saw you through the glass again
A distant shape, a distant voice
How are we supposed to win
When we lose so much by choice?

The Poet in Someplace

There once was a poet in Someplace
Who was a bit all over the place:
Brain scattered here and there,
Grey matter everywhere;
But, she at least managed to save some face!


There was a policeman in Someplace
Hard on the heels of his case
His culprit was there
His gaze met her stare
As she kept with the mortician’s pace.


There was a mortician in Someplace
His patient looked done by a mace
But just a gunshot
More often than not
And someone’s left cleaning the place.


There was someone’s sister in Someplace
Whose tears streamed on down her face
Somebody told her
It wasn’t murder
Her sister was done with this place.

I had started this to make fun of myself. It was to be just a little, self-mocking limerick. Then it flowed into a morbid pun, and from there it became it’s own, more serious, story…