All the questions cropping up
Of the futures that could be
They gather like an army
Far as the eye can see

The siege now here upon me
I tremble as they come
No walls can stand against them
That time, I fear, is done.


I’m not pretty when I cry:
No slow and somber tears;
My nose is never dry.
Just a pouring out of all my fears,
Or so I stutteringly try;
And it turns out, for all my preening
I’m just a human being
And it’s not worth the effort I make to try to lie.

Soul Cipher

I worry, if I write my soul,
There’s no one that would understand
And so, as if some ancient scroll,
I translate for my brave new land
But here, a word has lost its meaning
And there, a tune has lost its singing
And somewhere along the way has gone
The very thing that I wished put to song.
And yet, I worry, if I write my soul,
No one could ever understand
And maybe, the glass might be half full,
But that doesn’t mean it’s not half full of sand.
And, who could be that keen on drinking?
Better to reign as queen of over-thinking:
And decree instead of glasses, better a box,
And better still to double-check it locks.


I am tired of tomorrow;
I am clinging to today,
But not because I wish to borrow
One more hour so that I can stay.

I merely have no wish to be there,
To have to face another day
When there is nothing here that I should fear
And yet, still I feel my life is frayed.

Don’t Walk, Don’t Run…

“Wicked girl, never waking well;
If you sleep life away, it will always be hell.”
“Stupid girl, never thinking well;
When you make a mistake, it’s not worth it to tell.”

Don’t walk, don’t run
Don’t lay in the sun
Don’t stare at the moon
It’s all gone too soon
You’ll make a mistake
Best not to wake
You’re wrong either way
So what can you say?


My verse affords me not
The magic of transformation;
Bland are all my thoughts,
And every word’s a shallow imitation:
A fine echo of a troubled mind;
One confused, a little tired,
Craving a warmth it cannot hope to find —
Will not hope to find, for such is mired
In mistakes that scar like fire,
And to guard against with cold
Is the only defense this child knows
To keep from growing old.


Today I’m sick of villains

Nor do heroes have a place

So often have I been

Nothing but a shifting face

But lately have I seen

Not everything escapes

A world where there’s just people,

Whatever their mistakes.

A Confounding Little Puzzle

I’m a ghost — to keep from haunting;
I’m a fool — to keep from fooling you.
I’m dumb — to keep from being daunting;
I’m only good, because you are too.

I’m a monster — but I’m hiding;
I’m prey — but I’m not on the run from you.
I’m mortal — but thought that I was biding
Time, when I was really waiting for the other shoe.

I’m frozen — to keep the fire;
I’m shadow — to keep the light in you.
I’m too truthful — because I’m a liar;
Maybe you’ll understand when this is through.