What do you complain about the most?

There’s the heat, and there’s the cold
To be young, and to be old
There’s the ever nearing feeling
Of eternal isolation

There’s horror come of company
The unknown that you want from me
And the greater dread of knowing
All I could never give alone

There’s the day and there’s the night
There is wrong and there is right
And in the end it’s everything
That life meant me to be shown.


The world is filled with people trying
And people living, and people dying
The world is filled with worlds colliding
People selling, people buying
The world is filled with wheels still turning
Past people with their houses burning
Through all despair and endless yearning
Over each and every threat unnerving
Whether afraid, whether unswerving
The world is filled with people trying
And people falling, people rising
Who am I to keep denying
That I can do no different?


Why do we stare into the dark
When we’ve a lighted hearth behind us?

And shout our souls out to an echo
While our loved ones sit in silence?

And why does our glow of city lights
Block out all of heaven’s stars?

And why is it every unity
Divides into yours and ours?

Don’t Walk, Don’t Run…

“Wicked girl, never waking well;
If you sleep life away, it will always be hell.”
“Stupid girl, never thinking well;
When you make a mistake, it’s not worth it to tell.”

Don’t walk, don’t run
Don’t lay in the sun
Don’t stare at the moon
It’s all gone too soon
You’ll make a mistake
Best not to wake
You’re wrong either way
So what can you say?


Can I fit into the little box?
Can I be what I believe I must?
Can I just discard the thoughts:
The greed, the pride, the anger, lust?

Can I cut off inconveniences
And still say that I am whole
Or will I, in my running, find
That I can’t outrun them all?

A True Lady

I am not a lady…
A true lady never lies;
She upholds her ideals
No matter what she feels
No matter what gold never buys

I am not a lady…
A true lady speaks so kind;
She moves with elegance and grace
And with such a pretty face
You may be struck blind

I am not a lady…
A true lady has no monsters inside;
She sees only angels
And if there be devils
They fall to their knees at her sight

No, I’m not a lady…
A true lady hasn’t got so many fears;
She doesn’t think herself a girl
Or shirk the big wide world
As she drowns herself in tears