Fear Tree

The fear has grown greater;
Well-watered was my first mistake.
Then fertilized with broken wishes,
Then came all the steps I didn’t take.
Oh, I know well the consequences;
But this tree is all I have
In a world I can’t see soften,
And in my bones, I’ve always known,
Its wood will be my coffin.


The years I’ve spent all looking inward
The answers never found
The hours, dreading, looking outward
At the wild world unbound

The scenes are set, the curtains rising
The actors all arranged
But will we pass with colors flying
Or flee an empty stage?


I can tell what you really feel:
The only pride I’ll really claim
Is in the capacity to hear a joke,
And hear a heartbeat in its punchline.

Oh, I know it does no good
Listening to languages unknown:
My translation tells me one thing;
To them, it’s overblown.

But I can feel the deeper meaning,
And I can’t unfeel the pain;
How can I be glad of my existence,
When I know that you don’t feel the same?


Time runs screaming
The moon, the only company I can stand
You think I’m downward leaning
Well, maybe I am

I feel every passing judgement
And I can give no blame
No one is responsible
So I stay alone with just my shame

The Rose

Some part of me believes
I am the rose beneath the glass
An audience to please
But any touch would be the last

My fragility, exaggerated
Or so some part of me believes
Yet how many petals have disintegrated
Watching how everybody leaves?