Oh, you’re such a silly man
Still with all those hopes and plans
Still thinking me unfriendly
Because I haven’t any friends
But I tell you, there are worse things to be
And if someone wanted to be friends with me
Do you think that I would stop them there?
I’m simply loathe to beg and plead
Too quick to think that life’s unfair
That there’s no place for me out there
And if I ever did believe
It would require that someone truly cared.


There’s a face you’re used to seeing
And I’m not sure that it’s mine;
My own is always fleeting
And you don’t catch it quite in time.

You only see what I am showing —
But you never seem to mind,
Or see what I most fear you knowing,
Or what I most wish for you to find.

Instead you shout for a beginning…
But for me the show is always on;
And as the act begins you think you’re winning
But if you looked, you’d find the actor gone.

He Who Turns Away

I know all of your bad habits
I know all of your mistakes
But I only forgive
I live and just let live
It’s almost more than I can take

I know how you speak in silence
I translate every word you say
But I can’t understand
How you will not hold my hand
And how I you’ll only use and send away

Oh, what happiness can there be
When it seems my destiny
To always look to he who turns away?

I keep hoping that you’ll see
You’re the only one for me,
But I am just a thing with which to play.

I know every dark, it passes
I know that the dawn will break
But it’s one thing to know
Another to watch the show
As I’m hoping that the end is where you wake.

I know that you must be laughing
I know this is a sleep you’ll never shake
Oh, I am such a fool
But how can you be so cruel
Watching as I give my heart just to see it break?

If there is a happiness,
I’ll not find it in this;
I think perhaps it’s time I walked away.

Maybe one day you’ll miss
My constant steadfastness;
But by then I’ll have long since been on my way.