I could call upon the storm:
The wind, the piercing rain.
I could make a whirlwind form,
But I would do it all in vain.

I could call upon the sky:
Watch the flash as thunder plays.
I could raise the waters forest high;
But I couldn’t turn back all the days.

I can’t call upon the clock
To hide its face and yours;
Moments pass, each with a lock,
To shut all open doors.

And I could call upon your name
As a plea or as a chant for war,
But there’s nothing there for me to claim
Except a broken heart forevermore.


You don’t understand
And I can’t explain
‘Cause inside I’m terrified
Of spreading my pain

I’m standing inside
As you dance in the rain
One of us loves life
The other one just loves the pain

There are moments like this
When I think of that day
The day you were leaving,
But you turned just to say

That you don’t understand
How I waste every day
As if I’m too terrified
To find one single ray

You were my sunshine
Now you only see rain
One of us loved life
The other one clings to the pain

For Fear of Being Alone

I know the reasons why;
I know the fear that drives me.
If you leave, then I will cry
But if you stay, then it will blind me

I know the reasons why;
I know the weakness that’s inside me.
I’ve learned well to be shy
But to be seen is so enticing

I know the reasons why;
I know the sorrow that defines me.
I couldn’t tell you why I cry
But I know it’s why I change myself so desperately.


I tend to wonder — what happens in the “happily ever after”? So often, we have this hero, who has just slain dragons and/or saved the world and whatnot… And, what, they just settled down after all that? Maybe. Maybe, it took its toll. Maybe, they welcome the change to a quiet life. But, I think there’s a certain kind of hero that needs the struggle; the kind of hero to whom doing good is as much a need as a calling, for whom it is the only thing that truly gives them clarity, and life. How do those people handle an interlude?

This week’s CW prompt:

“In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about an interlude.”


Where’s the adventure
Between two pages;
Where’s the adventure
Between two books?

I’m left adrift
In “happily ever after”;
I’m left adrift,
And it hurts.

I should be fine,
Living these moments;
I should be fine —
Except… my life’s work:

I lived for adventure;
And though I love you forever…
I lived for adventure —
But I can’t live for you.

I ache for the knowing
Of where I ought to be going;
I ache for the knowing
Of what’s right and wrong.

Love, I beseech you:
Understand why I leave you.
Love, I beseech you:
Let me stay gone.


Love, don’t chase after me.
I don’t think that you’ll catch on;
My existence is a paradox
That’s always right and wrong.

The faster you run to keep up,
The faster I’ll run away.
I guess the only thing to do
Is wait for me to stay.

But I know that that’s impossible:
For this, my gaping soul
Will run on long, as staying still
Never makes me feel whole.



I keep thinking
I’ll find heroes in these pages,
Magic in these words;
Triumph in their victories,
Strength within their swords.

I keep thinking,
“This isn’t just history:
These are people and their deeds.”
So why in the world does it seem
That world’s so far from me?