Rose Colored Glasses

Did you lose them on a walk?
Did you drop them down a well?
Come, my dear fool, talk!
We’ll find out where they fell.

Did you lend them to a friend?
Did they crunch beneath your boot?
It must’ve been an ignoble end
For you’ve turned into a mute!

What, did you lose them to a vat of rum?
Were they stolen by a ghost named Fred?
You needn’t look so vexed for them —
They’re there upon your head!

The Adventurers

Open the door and let us in!
We’ll crack the kegs and make a din
And then we’re heading out again,
To save the girl and slash the villain.

We’re the best to have when you need a hand;
The finest adventurers in the land!
Sure, things don’t always go as planned…
But it always goes, in the end.

Between us, it’s a four-way share:
There’s me, and then there’s Javier;
And Silvertongue — there’s none more fair —
And of course there’s Reichenbach the Were.

So pray open up and let us in!
We’ll be leaving when it’s morn again;
Off to save the girl and slay the villain —
But first, some ale in this fine inn!

An Ode…

I do not know you well:
We are like strangers passing in the hall;
But when I do see you,
You’re very sweet and not too tall.

I like you very much that way:
You put a spring into my step.
You make me laugh and smile,
Where before I might have wept.

You help me to begin my day;
You help me to pretend
That a bit of you makes it all okay,
And I’ll make it to the end.

So I may not have known you very long,
And I may not know you very well,
But from what little I have seen,
I think Coffee very swell!