The Hole

You know you have a hole to fill;
You carry it around.
So as you see us standing still,
The questions run aground.

Why leave behind a shovel
Just to cover with a tarp?
Because some things are never full,
And shovels can be sharp.

Dead Ends

I want to go new places
But I’m afraid of how to get there
I want to meet new people
But they’re something to beware
I want to make connections
But strings are better cut
I want to talk to you again
But if I do, then what?


There was a rhythm to the world
That I can no longer hear
Just the wild, frantic beating
Of a heart gone mad with fear
Now I’m keeping time by heartbeats
And wishing that the world was near
For when I could hear it sing
I could believe in something pure.


She’d been alone for all she’d known
And so to spy him by the sea
With his broken heart beside, unsewn
Struck her own so tenderly

She ached to come up from the foam
And ached the more that he could see
No more a seal without a home
But a beautiful selkie

Instead, she only watched him go
And her sadness filled the sea
But the ending would be always so
And a binding would not make her free

I Remember

I still remember what it was
To be held in your arms
A warmth I’d never known
A worth I’d never been ascribed

I still remember what it was
To look into your eyes
A cleverness I rose to meet
A calm that overcame surprise

I still remember what it was
To sit there side by side
A glance into your soul
A chance to listen and confide

I will remember what it was
Long after you’ve forgotten
A beautiful memory
A web you have me caught in

A July 4th

July fourth
Watching fireworks
Each one, a family
Each one, a memory
Every one a possibility
Only, not for me
The people behind those lights
I will never meet
The moments that they make
Will never require me to be complete
And I’ve been told so many times
Not to make so much of little things
But it strikes me in its tragedy
And the tears take off with failing wings.