Outside, the world is burning
And the moon has stopped its turning
And all that’s left of yearning
Is the hunger of the beasts

Outside, their moans defying
The sirens that now are dying;
Inside, the only thing that’s trying
Is why so much has ceased.


I felt it for a moment:
It felt like Halloween.
That chill upon the air…
One of my very favorite feelings.

It is the taste of Reese’s;
It is monsters and magic.
It is fond memories;
It is something sweet, yet almost tragic.

I feel it for a moment,
And once again I thrive:
For there’s nothing better than the season of death
To make me feel alive.


untitled (7)

Picture an ocean:
Deep and blue.
Now imagine that
Is me and you.

The surface: calm,
Nary a ripple.
Life is good here;
Life is simple.

But then you look
Below the calm;
And soon you realize,
Something’s wrong.

For here there be monsters
In the undersea;
And that’s the biggest part
Of you and me.