There is shelter in the hours
The small ones in the morning
They hide me with their powers
From the watching and the warring

There is nothing to induce me
To cast off their kindly cloak
All that is awaiting
Is a wish I never woke.


I hear you early in your morning
When it is still my night;
Your day, just beginning,
While I’m still enjoying moonlight.

When the sun at last peers through the window,
It will find me sleeping, turned away
Someplace far where it can’t go;
Thus begins my day!

And there I hunker down and hide
Until it’s safely noon,
So that time will soon be satisfied
And once again give me the moon.

And then at last I live again —
Until the sun decides to end the show;
And my moon leaves me in the end,
Just like every one I know.


Will likely be absent this week. My sister is going to be gone for a few months starting the end of the week, and I’m hoping to spend a little time with her: Go on a few walks, maybe rope her into playing a game of Rummy with me. Things best done when not half asleep… lest she win. But, I haven’t been doing very well with time management lately… So, I’m going to bed (*cough cough*) “early” (I’m pretty sure my definition of that word is a little skewed); which, since late night is unfortunately when I do most of my blogging, that (i.e. blogging and the time vortex that is blogging related things) may very well take the back seat for a couple days.

In Error

We are both creatures of the night,
And you think yourself so fierce
For keeping open weary eyes,
And deserting all your fears.

But some of our fears are meant to be;
And some creatures are more fierce.
You may think yourself equal to me,
But I can face my years.