To wilt away my life with you
Is not something I choose to do.
Too many times I’ve seen
Bitter, silent drifting;
Too many times I’ve watched
Two hearts that have themselves botched.
I don’t want that to be us:
So when you ask what’s all the fuss,
And why I will not marry you
Or say how much I love you,
I can only tell
That my soul I’ll never sell;
But you can have it for free
If you don’t ask for anything.

Incidentally, yesterday was my two-year WordPress anniversary. Sorry I’ve been scarce. My “little breaks” from trying to write around 1700 words each day, have a tendency to devolve into hours-long video game resource-gathering sessions. Which, I then have to make up for. Which usually involves my trying to write more than a thousand words while half asleep. Purely my own fault, of course. I’m too much an escapist, and the prospect of trying to write 50,000 words all in one month is daunting. Still, I’ve actually kept up thus far, which kind of surprised me. I thought I’d crash and burn within the first day or two. Still might. But hey, I did manage (the majority of) two years on WordPress, didn’t I?

Left Behind

We’ve been waiting.
Yes, you have a life,
And I for one am proud;
But you’re balancing on the edge of a knife,
Until someone screams aloud.

There’s no saving
Ones such as us,
So reliant on another;
We have no right to moan and fuss —
And yet we do it with each other.

You’ve been making
A life of your own,
But we can’t comprehend;
Because we’re still here, all alone,
While you’re out with some friend.

So we’re still waiting,
Sitting up,
Hoping you’ll come home;
But soon we’ll just be giving up,
Thinking you’ve left us to roam.