I can tell what you really feel:
The only pride I’ll really claim
Is in the capacity to hear a joke,
And hear a heartbeat in its punchline.

Oh, I know it does no good
Listening to languages unknown:
My translation tells me one thing;
To them, it’s overblown.

But I can feel the deeper meaning,
And I can’t unfeel the pain;
How can I be glad of my existence,
When I know that you don’t feel the same?

No Rescue

I have seen my life through others’ eyes
And they proclaimed it hell
My heart was spurred to try to rise
Now I leave it where it fell

There are chances better left untouched
Leaps that lead to the abyss
I once thought my saving could be rushed
Now I’m left with only this.

The Rose

Some part of me believes
I am the rose beneath the glass
An audience to please
But any touch would be the last

My fragility, exaggerated
Or so some part of me believes
Yet how many petals have disintegrated
Watching how everybody leaves?


The world is full of threads all interwoven
The world is full of stories intertwined
The world is full of people broken
And those pretending not to mind

The world is filled with dreams awoken
And nightmares shared and shared in kind
The world is filled with people choking
On what others meant to leave behind

The world is tied with strings unbidden
The world is chained on either side
We vainly cut and burn and begin
To see our souls can never be untied.


Ever the same,
The days that drag on.
There’s anger and pain;
Love’s all that’s gone.
What is there to live for?

Ever the same,
The hours tick by.
What’s here that’s sane?
All I can do is cry,
But I don’t know who to cry for.

Ever the same,
The minutes say goodbye.
They say such things are tame;
But it takes only a minute to die,
So much longer to find something to die for.

Ever the same,
The seconds don’t ask why;
They never ask your name —
Only that you do not lie
When you face the choice that you’ve been waiting for.

Change My Fate

I could set the blame for my existence
Squarely at your feet;
Or my life in its present instance
I could christen your defeat.

Or I could claim my turning point
Was somewhere over there,
And blame the careless wanderer
Who had no fire I could share.

I could fit upon the scales of justice
The world, by degrees,
And blame my failures on this:
The whip and bended knees.

But for all the blame that could’ve been,
There’s nothing to debate.
Others may bring suffering;
Only I can change my fate.