Did it come to me in ember dreams
Or by the winds that swept worries
Out to shores of distant isles
To linger long and turn to smiles

Or did it come, at last, by sea
And by ship bring me memory
Of someone that I once had been
And that I so long to be again

However it thus came my way
I hope it might be here to stay
For if it can bear my company
What can I bear, but anything?


“It’s just a difference in philosophy;
You are right, and no one’s wrong”
So often that’s been me,
Singing the same old song.

Now all I hear is how you hate yourself —
And who am I to say you’re wrong?
Part of me is hating you;
The other part feels almost gone.

But it’s just a difference in philosophy;
Maybe, we both are wrong,
And letting go’s the only way to be
Who I wanted all along.

Upside Down and Right Side Up


It’s as if the world is upside down;
But I already was.
I suppose that makes me right side up,
Now that everybody’s all abuzz.

Before, I was the outcast;
Now, everyone’s in exile.
Yet somehow I feel I’m less alone
Than I’ve been in quite a while.

Before, I was the coward;
Now everybody’s full of fear.
But I find I can be hopeful,
When people need a little cheer.

Second Draft

You’re trying to find perfection;
But life gets no second draft.
Still, you go on thinking
You’re a failure to your craft:

You should have got it right by now,
You should know what to do;
But trying to rewrite it
Won’t make that first draft untrue.

It will be what it will be,
And still there’ll be no second draft;
So why not take a breath and read
The story as it’s meant to be, at last?