My every feature’s wanting
And my reasoning is thin
My anger’s somewhat daunting
But my feeling’s oft within

My enchantment’s only fleeting
My ignorance less so
As I’ve spent my days deleting
All the things I ought to know

My beauty is unheard of
My charm is somewhat forced
My heart is cynical in love
My mind and tongue are long divorced

I’ve done nothing that I’ve wanted
A few things I never planned
But if we face the sea undaunted
Surely somewhere we’ll find land


Happy New Year!

My Neighborhood

It’s a lovely little neighborhood:
Virtue lives just down the street.
Everybody loves her,
Though it’s rare we ever meet.

Wit and Intellect work the library,
Though it is a little small;
But I don’t think the size
Really bothers them at all.

And I’ve a fair-weather friend —
Courage is his name.
I ask him to stick with me,
But it always ends the same.

Fear stays much nearer,
Always close enough to touch.
I suppose I should be pleased,
But I don’t think I like him much.

Truth comes out only rarely,
And goes back in displeased.
I’d ask him for his friendship,
But he acts like I’m diseased.

I get along much better
With Lies across the street:
She always seems to understand
And has the best of treats.

And there’s Perseverance at the corner,
And Imagination next to me;
And in that ramshackle house we all avoid,
There lives Reality.