Tsk Tsk

It’s not a solution, not a plan…
Just out of the frying pan —
And if the fire isn’t hot enough,
Then add some extra wood and laugh.

This isn’t how it’s supposed to be,
Holding on by staying angry;
You can’t make of life a dream
By staging a nightmare scene.

So please, just try and move away
From this fire that you claim.
Maybe you’ll never be quite free —
But won’t you at least try, for me?

Undone In the Darkness

untitled (13)

It isn’t for the first time
And it won’t be for the last
That I sit here in the darkness
And I think about my past.

The things I never did;
The things I would have said;
The things I only dreamed of —
It means nothing in the end.

Because I sit here in the darkness;
In the darkness of my heart,
And you can’t light a candle
If you never even start.