What are you doing?
What makes you think you know a thing?
As if you could tell the difference
Between real life and a dream.

What compels you forward?
You know how you’ll end up.
Your very soul’s a jester,
No matter how you dress it up.

Do you think that this will change things?
Oh, I assure you that it will:
You will drown in every failure…
And in every tear you spill.


Being nothing scares me
More than you ever could:
So it will be what it will be…
Now shut up, Wormwood.

The Greater Of Two Evils

You said before that some can’t be saved;
And I think that is true.
You’re so many evil things…
But you’re not the villain here, are you?

I thought that you were.
I thought all I had to do
To be the good guy, was just
To be better than you.

But it was all just a lie;
While all along, I knew the truth:
I felt it boiling underneath,
Even as I veiled my face in ruth.

You never had to be the good guy:
You just had to be better than me.
It turns out I’m the one who can’t be saved,
And you’re the one who gets the redemption story.

Death Notice (Message In a Bottle)

I walk across the beach
As I wonder if he thinks of me;
I gaze out across the sea,
While my mind is running fatefully.

I see it in the distance:
A bottle washed ashore.
Inside is a letter:
Who wrote it? Who for?

There’s something in it that I recognize:
Yes, I know his voice.
Even written as it is,
How can I have a choice?

I’ve replayed every minute
Over in my head
From that first and final meeting;
Every word he said.

And now I read his letter,
And the tears come to my eyes;
For I find that he is dead,
And it comes as no surprise.

The One Who Can’t Be Saved

I find myself in a seeking mood.
Though what I seek, it’s oft been proved
Lies not in books, or on screens —
Those are evanescent things —
But out the window, out the door
Down paths I never thought to walk once more;
Down paths I may never walk again:
To the door of a forgotten friend.
Were I to knock, what would be?
A cry of joy, and understanding?
Or would it be a false alliance
With thoughts upon my so-long silence?
Would they blame me? Would they hate?
Could I explain my wretched fate?
To be the one who can’t be saved?
To be alone for all my days?