Fear Tree

The fear has grown greater;
Well-watered was my first mistake.
Then fertilized with broken wishes,
Then came all the steps I didn’t take.
Oh, I know well the consequences;
But this tree is all I have
In a world I can’t see soften,
And in my bones, I’ve always known,
Its wood will be my coffin.


My hand tightens for the feeling
Still it evades me as I run
No forest clearing to catch up in
No trap to hold and stun

There is just the fear that holds me
As I become the prey
Cornered by my own wanting
Until I’m the only one that didn’t get away


There is a bottom beneath
A deeper dark
A loosened grip
And then the floor parts
Uncounted seconds
Minutes, hours
Pass unseen
Lost to powers
Greater than the depths you’ve known
So fall as you will — but don’t let go


The years I’ve spent all looking inward
The answers never found
The hours, dreading, looking outward
At the wild world unbound

The scenes are set, the curtains rising
The actors all arranged
But will we pass with colors flying
Or flee an empty stage?