I always had such faith in you
You were the one that had it all
Now what’s true for me is not for you
You think you’re rising when you fall

I have my problems, yes I do
But I never thought you’d be
The one to break but not break through
The one with problems more than me

I miss the days when the world was new
And we had the same morality
Now what’s mistaken and what’s true
Is yours to say, mine not to see


I keep telling myself that it won’t work
Our dissonance is clear
You want to turn the music up
And I, just low enough to hear

You say how much there is to gain
And I, how much to fear
But one point on which we can agree
Is how much I love you, dear.


Daily writing prompt
When is the last time you took a risk? How did it work out?

Years pass by and still my eyes
Darken at your name
Hurt would be a fair surmise
Closer would be shame

You played me, I don’t deny
But not all is as it’s told
If you’re the snake, then why is mine
The blood that ran so cold?


I can’t be the same for everyone,
And that’s something no one understands
As they tell me just to be myself
And give the facts within my hands.

But the truth is how it is presented,
And I don’t know which way is right;
All I know is that I’m drowning,
And my instinct is always flight.

The Rose

Some part of me believes
I am the rose beneath the glass
An audience to please
But any touch would be the last

My fragility, exaggerated
Or so some part of me believes
Yet how many petals have disintegrated
Watching how everybody leaves?


My own preachings go unpracticed
This is oft the way
The ideal I see, the conflict is me
Blinded by the dark at the end of the day

I’m meant to go unnoticed
While those greater have their say
But they’ve said it all, and I am sickly full
Of my peace being there to just give way


How can I explain
That all that came so easy
Everything that should be
Came to be so hard
I know the fault is mine
As if that should make it fine
As if acknowledgement can make a problem disappear
But no, it never does
And no solutions light like doves
On the edges of the windows which I never seem to open
Yet always go to as a token
Of all the things I hope and fear.


There is madness in my mind
Growing rampant on the vine
It’s a weed, not very kind
But I’m growing it as mine

My sister grows the roses
The daisies are my mother’s
My brother just bulldozes
Plots of land for others

But I am growing madness
And I water it with strife
I feed it with my poison
Because it’s all I can give life