Keeper of Secrets

What do you know, keeper of secrets
Keeping us all alone
Where do you go, keeper of secrets
When you are not at home

There is the door, why do you leave it
What are you lying for
Letting us go, but you never see it
You think it’s one-sided war

What did you do, keeper of secrets
What are you hiding for
One moment that’s true, keeper of secrets
One moment is all I implore

You give an excuse, I don’t believe it
Give me the answers due
You tie me a noose, pack up and leave it
Is that all I am to you?
Is that all I am to you?

Uncertain Truth

I still don’t know the answer,
Though I’ve provided more than one;
They shift in shape and form,
And no contender yet has won.
I can settle on manipulation,
Or youthful naivete;
But the truth has many iterations,
And among them is a darker me.

No Rescue

I have seen my life through others’ eyes
And they proclaimed it hell
My heart was spurred to try to rise
Now I leave it where it fell

There are chances better left untouched
Leaps that lead to the abyss
I once thought my saving could be rushed
Now I’m left with only this.


I can imagine how he thinks of me:
The weak girl’s desperation.
But to this day, I can’t believe
It was all his manipulation.

I believed that I was stronger;
Thought that I could play the part.
Pretend I was normal a little longer,
And maybe then I’d really start.

But in all eyes, I the fool
Was caught up in the act —
Though whether it was mine or his
I will never know for fact.


I can’t battle the presumption
Carried in my words
That I’m not a channel for destruction
That I’m not better left unheard

I can’t drown out little whispers
Wearing my own voice
When I always chose my battle’s victors
And it was never the right choice.

The Art of Being More Social

I’m supposed to make an effort
Be friendly, it’s just fine
How dandy for the experts
I couldn’t trust a cup of wine

I’m supposed to make an effort
Accept mistakes, cast out a line
Trust that life won’t leave you desert
In the end it will just leave you brine

I’m not supposed to make an effort
People use each other all the time
And that doesn’t give much comfort
But what if comfort’s only lying?