There’s a line I do not cross
It would put me beyond parody
I could not stand the loss
True genius does not fit, you see

I would lose my great facade
Faced with the child that I am
And in trying to be a god
Be only that much less than man


I’m sick of trying
I’m sick of failing
I’m sick of feeling laughter
And more afraid I’ll hear it to my face
I’m tired of caring
I’m tired of being
I’m done playing my poorly acted part
Let someone else be a human being
Let someone else do the whole damn thing
They’ll do it better from the start


I’ve watched the oceans ebb and flow
And greet the sand without my leave
I’ve watched the stormwinds tease me so
And reveal the air in cardless sleeves

I’ve waited for the green to fall
And laugh my grasp into a miss
Until they become not leaves at all
But symbols of me, powerless.

Change My Fate

I could set the blame for my existence
Squarely at your feet;
Or my life in its present instance
I could christen your defeat.

Or I could claim my turning point
Was somewhere over there,
And blame the careless wanderer
Who had no fire I could share.

I could fit upon the scales of justice
The world, by degrees,
And blame my failures on this:
The whip and bended knees.

But for all the blame that could’ve been,
There’s nothing to debate.
Others may bring suffering;
Only I can change my fate.


How can I explain
That all that came so easy
Everything that should be
Came to be so hard
I know the fault is mine
As if that should make it fine
As if acknowledgement can make a problem disappear
But no, it never does
And no solutions light like doves
On the edges of the windows which I never seem to open
Yet always go to as a token
Of all the things I hope and fear.

Without a Trace

The world’s a terrifying place
I don’t wish to be seen
It’s just a chance for more disgrace
To fall short of everything

I don’t want to show my face
Or wake up from my dream
I want to disappear without a trace
So I can’t be less than what I seem