I’ve looked so long for a prince,
But I was longing for a friend;
I’ve watched the sun set from my tower,
But I was watching for a beginning, not an end.

I’ve been waiting for someone to throw me a rope,
But what I wanted was someone waiting for me to climb down;
I’ve been wishing for someone to make me smile,
But my best wish is for someone to be there even when I frown.

Second Draft

You’re trying to find perfection;
But life gets no second draft.
Still, you go on thinking
You’re a failure to your craft:

You should have got it right by now,
You should know what to do;
But trying to rewrite it
Won’t make that first draft untrue.

It will be what it will be,
And still there’ll be no second draft;
So why not take a breath and read
The story as it’s meant to be, at last?

Eye of the Beholder

I’m not like so many other girls,
Fretting over size:
I couldn’t care less how my body
Seems in others’ eyes.

Or so, at least, I tell myself.
But after all, why should I care?
I have my soul, and my blue eyes,
And my own long brown hair.

And yet still, there are people
Cutting up prettier faces;
And far prettier complexions
Are twisted, frozen in their places;

And the prettiest of all
Is still called ugly by the mirror;
So they make another cut,
Hoping to bring perfection nearer.

The Fairy and the Troll

“Don’t forget to breathe!”
Cried the fairy to the troll;
For the latter oft was first to leave,
And last to reach the goal.

The two were friends from long ago —
Almost as long as memory;
Through ice and wind and rain and snow,
And much that friends cannot foresee.

The little fairy was as light and fair
As feather, frond, or cloud could be;
Her friend the troll was strong and rare,
Though less deft of feet and mind was he.

Yet ever the two went side by side,
Each the knight at some time or other;
For two succeed where one has tried,
When one is firm and one is clever.

They had for themselves a tournament,
Of which only they’d partake;
A path they carved, and they raced it
From their village, far down to the lake.

The troll, he always started strong,
But never could adapt his strength
To match his friend who rode along
On the wind and always won the race.

Now, the fairy wanted nothing more
Than for her friend to best her fair and square,
And spent her time searching for
A thought that just may help them there.

She tried everything she thought of
To give an edge to her defeated friend;
But every plan she thought up
Still found her waiting at the end.

Until finally, she had a thought
And they ran one final round:
With a smile as she raced fair like she’d taught,
With her own feet firmly on the ground.