What do you complain about the most?

There’s the heat, and there’s the cold
To be young, and to be old
There’s the ever nearing feeling
Of eternal isolation

There’s horror come of company
The unknown that you want from me
And the greater dread of knowing
All I could never give alone

There’s the day and there’s the night
There is wrong and there is right
And in the end it’s everything
That life meant me to be shown.


17 thoughts on “Complaint

  1. What generates the most complaints? Events, dear girl, events.

    Actually, what doesn’t, Rachel? There’s work, snow, lack of snow, lack of time…

    We do tend to grouse, don’t we? Results of a restless soul and a driving impulse to improve things.

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  2. Sometimes I find that complaints dull and fade from my ears when I know they’re either a solution or action they could take that they refuse to acknowledge. However, there’s an extent some people go to am I right? Acting as if snow or aging are consequences within life purposefully attacking them rather than something naturally occurring.

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    1. Indeed, I’ll often tune such things out, myself. And yet… It can be easier (and a tad more satisfying) to pour out your frustration against some villainous force, than it is to peacefully accept that a lot of things we don’t want are going to happen, and we have either no say in it, or a couple of options we’re really not keen on.


  3. Wow, what a thought-provoking and introspective post! Your words paint a vivid picture of the different experiences and emotions that make up life. The idea of heat and cold, youth and old age, and the balancing act between isolation and companionship all speak to the complexities of the human experience. The contrast between what is known and unknown, and the desire for connection while also fearing it, is a universal feeling that many of us can relate to. Your poem captures these themes beautifully, and I’m sure many people will find comfort and understanding in your words.

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