I keep telling myself that it won’t work
Our dissonance is clear
You want to turn the music up
And I, just low enough to hear

You say how much there is to gain
And I, how much to fear
But one point on which we can agree
Is how much I love you, dear.


Ever the same,
The days that drag on.
There’s anger and pain;
Love’s all that’s gone.
What is there to live for?

Ever the same,
The hours tick by.
What’s here that’s sane?
All I can do is cry,
But I don’t know who to cry for.

Ever the same,
The minutes say goodbye.
They say such things are tame;
But it takes only a minute to die,
So much longer to find something to die for.

Ever the same,
The seconds don’t ask why;
They never ask your name —
Only that you do not lie
When you face the choice that you’ve been waiting for.

What’s Left Behind

I have felt nothing
That could not be put aside:
Love is just stupidity
When you put away the pride.

Pride is only arrogance;
Kindness is a lie;
Selfishness the only truth,
And only there until you die.

I believe that I’ve felt nothing
That could not be put aside;
So then why is all this darkness
The one thing I can’t hide?


Is it the goal of our lives?
Ever seeking reaction —
Never an act,
Never a leap,
Never an ounce of passion:
Just an inspiration
Of color in others’ faces,
Feeling in their eyes;
Nevermind if that feeling
Is what calls when love dies.


What claim can Cupid’s arrows have
To have triumphed through your armor
When you with but a devil’s laugh
Can lay waste to they who harbor
Such weapons as might penetrate
Your skin of sorrow and of scale
And with a look you seal their fate
Wrapping them in stony mail
Never more to strike at you
With beauty and with song
Never more to bid adieu
To the moments they were strong
There is only weakness now
Brittle, gray and dull
But if your eyes could only life allow
They would be fairest of them all.

Something Beautiful

I am trying to find the words
To tell you that you’re beautiful;
I am trying to find the words,
But the words, they will not stay.

Somewhere in this world,
You’ll realize that you’re beautiful;
Somewhere in this world
Is a place for you to stay.

Someone in this world
Can see that you are beautiful;
And that someone in this world
Hopes for you to stay.